Worksop Town FC will ban troublemakers and want to keep alcohol off the ground after Tadcaster brawl

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Worksop Town will ban those identified as the troublemakers who attempted to fight Tadcaster fans at the end of Wednesday night’s clash at Sandy Lane.

And with alcohol a clear factor in the disturbance, club chairman Kevin Keep wants to see it kept inside the clubhouse and not in the stands.

A bumper crowd of almost 900 watched the midweek match, and it passed without incident until trouble broke out 10 minutes after the final whistle.

Keep blasted those responsible: “After the game I was disgusted by the behaviour of a minority who came from the far end stand and started throwing punches at anyone with a Tadcaster scarf on.

“Yes some of the Tadcaster fans were inciting in their comments as they came round to the exit but in honesty didn’t deserve the tirade of abuse and physical contact that ensued as they tried to vacate the stadium.

“As a club it is our intention to make the place as safe as possible for all spectators during the game.

“The behaviour that followed the Tadcaster game was nothing more than a beer fuelled minority that rarely attend games and came to cause trouble.”

Tigers will investigate the incident, which has so far resulted in no arrests, to identify and ban the culprits.

Keep said: “We will ban individuals that drag the good name of Worksop Town through the mud.

“My intention would be to ban alcohol fromt he stadium and let drinkers refuel themselves in the clubhouse, not around the ground.”

Worksop Town had hired professional stewards for the fixture to bolster the ranks of the volunteers who work at each home game.

Club safety officer Craig Ayscough had also notified police of the fixture, and the expectation that there would be a large, potentially boisterous crowd.

And for the most part, it was a party atmosphere on Wednesday night, with a large group of travelling fans engaging in good natured back and forth singing with the home fans.

But after the game had finished, the two groups were ushered down opposite sides of the ground and then allowed to come face to face at the exit gate, where a fracas ensued.

Tadcaster Albion have said they will be seeking to press charges and have passed evidence to Notts Police, who attended minutes after the trouble had ceased.

It was Worksop Town officials, players and staff who managed to calm the situation, with the aggressors fleeing before the authorities arrived.

A statement from the police said: “On arrival no disorder was witnessed by officers and no injured parties presented themselves to officers to make a complaint. No arrests were made.”