Worksop Town coach has faith in players

Worksop Town head coach Luke Jeffs says the management team have confidence in the squad to maintain their fitness whatever the conclusion of the season is.

By Devon
Wednesday, 20th January 2021, 10:01 am
Luke Jeffs has total faith in the Worksop Town players
Luke Jeffs has total faith in the Worksop Town players

Many questions remain on whether the season will be declared null and void or if there will be a rather unlikely completion to the current campaign.

Jeffs, who alongside first team coach Mark Whitehouse focus on the team’s preparation and fitness, says that Worksop have planned out the potential scenarios on the season’s ending, but have full faith in the team to maintain their fitness over the vacant months.

“You have to put a certain amount of trust in players in keeping themselves ticking over and keeping a good general amount of fitness, but I don’t think that will be a problem with our lads, we have a lot of trust in them to make sure they’re looking after themselves,” said Jeffs.

“As a management team, we probably speak to each other every day about the different scenarios and we have situations planned out for should we get the go-ahead or should the season be declared null and void.

“I can just see the lads slipping straight back into where they were, which is a good group of players that get on really well and work hard for each other and want to win, and that mirrors what our ethos is as well.”

Jeffs also believes that it will be a tough period for not just the football community, but everyone, given the pandemic.

He stated that people should remain positive and that when things do go back to normal, it will bring a big lift in moral.

Jeffs continued: “I think, mentally, it is testing for everyone. Whether you are involved in football or not, and especially if you are a player, a supporter or a volunteer, it’s part of your routine in life.

“Whether you are working in the week and football is your outlet, whether that be training or watching, it is tough not to have it there.

“You just have to stay positive and just do what you can to keep yourself ticking over, whether that be taking up other things like going for a run or a walk.

“You just have to stay as mentally sound as you can and I think when we do come back, I am sure it will be a big relief for everyone and boost mentally.”