Worksop Town captain Scott ‘disappointed’ after diving controversy but manager backs him

Worksop Town FC v Tadcaster Albion, pictured is Jake Scott
Worksop Town FC v Tadcaster Albion, pictured is Jake Scott

Mark Shaw has given his backing to Tigers captain Jake Scott, in the wake of a diving controversy at Garforth on Saturday.

Scott appeared to be caught by the late tackle of Rupere Tawanda early in the first half, and the home player was subsequently booked.

But the game highlights, broadcast online by Garforth not only highlighted the fact that no contact was made, but mocked the number of times Scott rolled after falling to the ground.

Shaw insisted that simulation was not something promoted at Worksop Town, but said there were mitigating circumstances.

“I’ve not seen the video, but Jake has spoken to me about it and he’s disappointed,” said the manager.

“But he also says that if he didn’t dive out of the way he might have had a broken leg.”

“The player in question had put in three or four near dangerous tackles before that.”

“I understand that it reflects a bit poorly on Jake, but at the same time, in the heat of battle things happen.”

“It’s not something we promote or teach, it’s just one of those things sometimes.”

He also pointed to Scott’s previous record and the battles he’s been through this season already, when the boss feels he was genuinely a victim.

“Jake takes a lot of punishment.”

“He’s been elbowed in the face and nearly had a broken leg already this season.”

Scott was at the centre of controversy earlier in the campaign when Tadcaster visited, former Manchester United man Jonathan Greening seeing red after elbowing the Tigers captain.