Worksop Town boss wants community to show their support in wake of failed European Super League

Worksop Town manager Craig Parry wants the town to get behind the club in the wake of the failed European Super League plans.

By Devon Cash
Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 10:56 am
Craig Parry blasted the lack of consideration to grassroots football in the wake of the ESL plans.
Craig Parry blasted the lack of consideration to grassroots football in the wake of the ESL plans.

The past week has threatened to change football as we know it forever with the announcement of the ESL last Sunday.

However, supporters, broadcast, managers, and players united to forced clubs to revert their decision, with all six English clubs leaving the proposed competition less than just 24 hours after their initial statement.

And Parry was quick to blast those behind the breakaway for their laack of consideration for the local communities and supporters.

“I think everything was driven by money and greed – I think everyone could see that – and no one had any thoughts about the history of English and European football,” said Parry.

“It was if we didn’t exist and the thing that you have to think about with non-league football, is that it is the embedding period for local players and players from academies that want to play, and, most importantly, for the people in the community and fans who want to come and support their local club.

“Especially with the lockdown period and coming out of a depressive time, for someone to come out and make a decision like that and not even consider football from top to bottom, it is quite scandalous to even think about that.

“There are many people out there that are suffering because of the pandemic we’re in, and to have 12 businessmen not even think about that because their lives are in order and to rip it out and let everyone else pick up the mess is awful.”

Parry also stressed the importance of the fan base, who will be returning to football next month.

“They are incredibly important; the fans have got to feel safe coming back and want to come back and enjoy the good football in store,” he continued.

“I have said from minute one that a big reason for me coming here to Worksop was the massive support that we get.

“Every time I have stepped out and managed against the club, I have thought ‘wow, this is a proper football club with proper football fans’ and, from my perspective, it is exciting to get everyone back; I hope everyone is excited to come back.”