“We went toe to toe with Football League side,” says delighted Shaw

Mark Shaw said his side went toe to toe with Mansfield Town for spells during Wednesday’s friendly, without disgracing themselves.

Tigers had the lion’s share of possession for a large part of the second half, and held the score at 2-1 until 12 minutes from time.

Shaw was delighted with Worksop’s response to a tough test in the shape of Adam Murray’s League Two outfit.

“It was very good for us,” he said.

“We played a game at a high tempo, against a strong, good Football League team.

“It’s not what we’ll come up against in our league, but it’s a good test.

“I thought for 25 minutes we were in charge in the second half, I was impressed.”

The manager had to have words with his troops at the break, to ensure they didn’t let Mansfield have as much of the play.

“I was disappointed with the first half, we showed them a little bit too much respect.

“I wanted us to have more of a go.

“We had a chat at half-time and wanted to play higher up the pitch. “

He lauded the work of his midfielders once the sides turned round, and his centre halves who for the most part were steady performers.

“Conor Sellars came to life, I didn’t think he had a great first half.

“James Cottingham came to life, Steve Woolley, they came out to effect the game.

“Ross Henshaw and Sam Liversidge were solid against a guy who’s gone for a lot of money.”

“It’s easy to forget that we’re playing against professional players all night.

“He’s brought in some good players, and we’ve done ourselves proud.

“We’ve worked very, very hard.”

Worksop Town fans who enjoyed the pace of the game could be in for more of the same when the NCEL Premier campaign kicks off in August.

Shaw said: “Hopefully when the season starts we can create tempos that they really enjoy playing in.

“The development side of the team is right on cue.

“We’ve played football against a Football League team, who have good players, who’ve made good signings, it’s 4-1 but we’ve not been battered.

“We’ve gone toe to toe.”

Against a full time kids team at Sheffield United we controlled the game.

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