‘Tigers will get Vesuvius option,’ says MP John Mann

If the Vesuvius development in Worksop goes ahead, Worksop Town FC will be given the option to move to a permanent home there - according to Bassetlaw MP John Mann.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th November 2013, 2:47 pm

The plans are currently up in the air, as Secretary of State Eric Pickles decides whether or not to begin a public inquiry or allow the development to proceed.

Mr Mann told the Guardian that the delays were unnecessary, and if the development comes to frution there would be a ground for Tigers.

Although Bassetlaw Council have issued no statement confirming that a football ground will be built with the Community Facilities Section 106 money attached to the development, Mr Mann said: “It will provide a sports ground and Worksop Town have got the option on it, as far as I’m concerned.”

“The council have previously said that if Worksop Town wants it for their ground, their permanent home as a base for their first team, it’s available for them.”

“There’s no ambiguity about that.”

Lambasting the Secretary of State for delaying the process, Mr Mann added: “He’s delaying further and unnecessarily for no good reason, just wasting tax payers’ money.”

The Section 106 money earmarked for community sports facilities is believed to be around £800,000 in total, and it is up to the members of Bassetlaw Council to decide how the cash is spent.

Worksop Town are currently tenants of Sandy Lane leaseholder Pete Whitehead, of P&M Leisure and Windsor Foodservice.

The district MP says the club is a vital part of the community.

“The club is very important to the town, has been for many years and it will be for many years to come,” he said.

“Worksop Town need the stability, long term, of a permanent home – whether that’s Sandy Lane or here (Vesuvius).”

Mr Mann was at the forefront of protests when the then Tory council originally turned down developers CEG’s plans for the site, initiating a petition and protesting outside Retford Town Hall along with present council leader Simon Greaves, and Worksop Town fans.

The Vesuvius development will also include an ASDA supermarket, creating more jobs for the town.