Tiger Adams responds to fresh injury woe with determination

Worksop Town v Trafford. Tigers player Jack Adams
Worksop Town v Trafford. Tigers player Jack Adams

When Jack Adams went down clutching his knee in training last Thursday, he feared the worst – he knows what it’s like to suffer a major injury.

Adams experienced the dreaded cruciate ligament damage as a promising Sheffield United teen, and then spent years battling hamstring problems.

But mercifully, last week’s injury was ‘only’ a dislocated kneecap and a torn muscle.

Facing four to six weeks on the sidelines at this stage of the season is hardly ideal, but Adams remains upbeat because he knows how much worse it could have been.

“I had the worst in mind,” he said.

“I grabbed my knee and didn’t move until the paramedics arrived to take me to King’s Mill Hospital.”

“It’s frustrating, especially the timing but I’m glad it’s not a major injury, with nine months out.”

His plan of action is to rest and ice the knee, then get back in the gym as soon as he can.

And he’s keen to stay a part of Worksop Town’s promotion bid.

“I’ll definitely be in and around the squad, trying to get to training and going to matches.”

“It’s important to have that attitude, to stay with the group and get through it together – joking around and laughing with the lads will make it go quicker.”

Despite his frequent run-ins with the treatment table, Adams has no inclination of giving up on his attempts to be successful in the sport.

He added: “My knee surgeon put it out there that I should maybe not play anymore, but it’s something I love and I wouldn’t give it up – I’m just going to keep plugging away and see where I get.”