The facts of Worksop Town’s plight

Jason Clark still owns 84 per cent of Worksop Town Football Club and has not yet indicated what he intends to do with his shares.

The Guardian has contacted Clark for a statement on the matter but had no response.

Clark put a staggering £130,000 into the club last season.

The businessman says his total investment in Worksop Town was around £550,000, but he has told the Guardian he’s happy to write that off.

Last season the club shelled out nearly £106,000 on the playing budget.

The Guardian believes this sum to be lower than in previous seasons during Clark’s reign.

Tigers believe that the ‘500 Club’ can sustain them for the coming season.

Mark Shaw is spearheading a campaign to get 500 people or businesses to pay a £200 membership fee to safeguard Worksop Town’s immediate future.

The club has been in a dire financial situation before – more than once

Director Chris Smith said: “I’ve been involved for 25 years and this is the fourth time.”