Staying at Sandy Lane is ‘massive’ says boss

Worksop Town manager, Mark Shaw.
Worksop Town manager, Mark Shaw.

Mark Shaw says Worksop Town’s deal to stay at Sandy Lane next season is ‘massive’ for the club, but suggests it’s just the start of the hard work to come.

Tigers announced last week that a deal in principle had been agreed with leaseholder Pete Whitehead, for another 12-month stay at the stadium on BabbageWay.

The Guardian believes the new deal – which has to be signed and sent to the footballing authorities by Thursday 31st March – will give Worksop Town more scope for generating revenue through the ground.

For Shaw, it could mean a chance to make in-roads into the club’s bid to end their years of homelessness.

He said: I think it’s massive.

“No one wants to play outside their town. Rotherham didn’t cope very well at Don Valley and they’re a big club.

“Worksop have had so much trauma when it comes to grounds, coming and going, stories about grounds being built and not happening, stability is massive for the club.

“It could be the beginning of the end with regards to the homeless saga.”

Although full details are yet to emerge, Shaw has hinted that Worksop will need to put in hard work to start securing their future.

And it will require more people to become involved with the running of the world’s fourth oldest football club.

“We have to make it a success,” he said.

“This is more important than anything.

“If we fail at this, running a club at a ground like this, then where do we go from there?

“This is huge, there’s a lot of pressure and we need a lot of extra bodies, people coming out and saying they want to help make it work.

“If they can do that, we’ve got a chance of building a club, a model that everyone wants to replicate.”

Tomorrow isn’t just the deadline for groundshare agreements, it’s a transfer deadline day for clubs like Worksop.

But there will be no movement for Shaw’s outfit.

He said: “There won’t be, either way, I don’t see any reason in bringing players in now, we’ve got enough bodies and we’ve signed the Under 19 group to the first team.

“Ewen Pickersgill has been on the bench in the last couple of weeks, so if we need a few extra bodies we have them.”

Without a game this weekend, Shaw will have a recent signing available for selection for the trip to Staveley next Wednesday.

He revealed: “Jack Hawkins will be in line to play at Staveley and I’m hoping people like Phil Roe might be back to feature.

“Jamie Hadfield returned on Saturday so we’re getting healthy bodies again.”

Worksop are unbeaten in three and the manager wants to finish in style: “The idea for me now is to create a winning mentality to take into next season and finish with as many points as possible.”

“Winning breeds that mentality and I want to try and keep that for next year, whatever the budget may be.”