SJR Worksop boss keen to see youth progress

SJR boss Andrew Guest wants to give Worksop youth a chance to shine.SJR boss Andrew Guest wants to give Worksop youth a chance to shine.
SJR boss Andrew Guest wants to give Worksop youth a chance to shine.
SJR Worksop boss Andrew Guest reckons ability means much more than age as he strives to provide a pathway to the first team for the club’s development squad.

A number of youngsters have made the step up this season including 17-year-old striker Jaden Thackery who notched his first senior goal against Boynton last month.

Luke Morris, Ryan Parker and Max Sykes have also been involved.

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It’s an ethos that can cause issues. Thackery has already had a club try to prise him away from the club after catching the eye on his debut. But money has never been a motivator at SJR.

“We don’t pay our lads and we’re up against some other teams in this league that pay big wages.” Guest said.

“When we played Dinnington, we put Jaden [Thackery] on. He only played half an hour against them and straight away, they tried to sign him and offered him money.

“It just shows you what you’re up against, as soon as one lad shows a little bit of something, they’re straight on him. It’s something we just have to deal with.

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“It’s refreshing with some of our lads. We’ve got lads who have played higher like Matthew Thompson and Jack Barnett, they’re not here for money. They’re here because they believe in what we’re doing.

“We’ve had Jaden, Luke Morris started the last game, he’s 16. We’ve had Ryan Parker and Max Sykes come through our development squad too. If we think they’re good enough, we’ve got no problems about getting them in the first team squad.

“If they carry on how they are, they won’t be with us for long. And while ever I’m in charge, we’ll keep them coming through, I can promise that.

“If there’s a space in the squad, it won’t be gobbled up by lads from out of town, I will never let that happen.

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“When we played Dinnington, we had loads of injuries and lads away. The starting side was strong, but the bench would have only been me.

"We brought four of the younger lads in and two of them got on.

“Of course, we want to win, but the priority is keeping this team full of local lads and giving young hungry lads a platform to play.”