Sheffield Wednesday star donates £10,000 to help mum-of-four fight for life

Fernando Forestieri'Picture: Steve Ellis
Fernando Forestieri'Picture: Steve Ellis

Star striker Fernando Forestieri has donated £10,000 to help a mum-of-four fight for life.

The kind-hearted 26-year-old, who signed for Sheffield Wednesday last year, donated the cash to Sheffield Wednesday fitness coach Andy Kalinins' wife, Hayley.

He and his wife Andria offered the money to help the mum-of-four pay for more treatment in a specialist clinic in Germany in a bid to extend her life.

Hayley, 35, who has secondary breast cancer, is undergoing immunotherapy treatment, which is designed to boost the body's natural defences to fight cancer.

Medics said there are no more treatment options available for Hayley in the UK.

She has already undergone 70 gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and surgery and says the treatment in Germany is her only chance of survival.

To pay for the treatment she launched an online fundraising page earlier this year, with around £150,000 raised so far, most of which has already been spent at the German clinic.

She needs to raise another £100,000 to finish the course.

Revealing details of Forestieri's donation on her Facebook page, Hayley wrote: "Sheffield Wednesday Footballer Fernando Forestieri has just donated £10,000 towards my cancer treatment in Germany.

"What an incredible generous man.

"Such a huge help towards my next treatment."

Hayley said the donation was helping to extend her life and that she was 'totally blown away' by the gesture.

In another boost to Hayley's fundraising appeal, Derby County has also agreed to hold a bucket collection at the club's cup match at home to Liverpool on Tuesday next week.

Hayley, who lives in Derby, said in a heart-wrenching video on Facebook, that her first scan at the German clinic revealed a 'significant decrease' in all her tumours.

She needs treatment every three weeks.

"To be told by a doctor that there is nothing else, nobody can ever explain what that feels like. To get those words that there's nothing they can do for you, that was really hard, really, really hard," she said.

She said success stories from the clinic in Germany motivate her to continue her treatment, but without any more money she will be unable to continue.

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