Sheffield Wednesday: Popular Semedo prioritises league over cup success

Aspiring journalists interviewing Jose Semedo
Aspiring journalists interviewing Jose Semedo

League success or cup glory?

It’s a no brainer for long-serving Sheffield Wednesday player Jose Semedo.

The midfielder, who took park in a question and answer session last week, said: “Promotion to the Premier League all day long. All the fans and players would prefer that.

“We all want to play and test ourselves against the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Everton every week.”

Budding postgraduate journalists from Sheffield Hallam University quizzed Semedo on a variety of subjects, including his love for the Owls, ‘Semedo Day’, Lucas Joao’s stellar form and Wednesday’s Portuguese contingent.

They also probed the 30-year-old about his friendship with Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his maiden book called ‘Win the Day.’

Semedo reiterated his desire to spend the rest of his career at Hillsborough, saying: “I can’t see myself wearing a different shirt. Even when I retire, I still want to live in this city because it has given so much to me. At this club and in this city, I have not found a bad person. I swear everybody is nice and that’s why I don’t want to leave this city.

“Everybody helps each other. I feel like I am a Sheffield boy...that’s how I feel!”

On his relationship with Ronaldo, Semedo added: “I don’t see him as the rest of the world see him. I see him like a friend or brother. I suffer for him when he loses and doesn’t score. We are so close and want the best for each other.”

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