Sheffield Wednesday: Lone striker system gets best out of players says Carvalhal

“If you had Van Persie and Benzema, all of the coaches in the world would play with two strikers.”

Carlos Carvalhal provided such a response when asked if he would consider switching his formation to two strikers should he bring a forward in before the transfer window closes.

Sheffield Wednesday’s head coach insists his current preference of a 4-2-3-1 system is due to the belief it will get the best out of the players currently at his disposal.

Atdhe Nuhiu and Lucas Joao have so far shared the duty of lone striker, supported by two wide players.

And Carvalhal’s comments suggest he doubts the pair can play together, nor that Sergiu Bus, Caolan Lavery and Stevie May have the characteristics he is looking for in a strike partner for either man.

“The dynamic depends on the abilities of the squad,” he said. “In our opinion, we are putting the dynamic in the function with the players we have to get the best from the players in the team.

“I think it depends on the quality of the players we have and the best abilities of the players we have in the squad.

“Real Madrid now for example are playing Cristiano Ronaldo like a striker. Before he played on the left inside. And if they had Messi, Ronaldo and Benzema they would probably play in a different way.

“You can play 4-4-2, with one striker, have someone behind the striker – but it depends on a lot of things.

“What I can do in this moment, I must do the best with the players I have.

“In the future if we have different solutions, I can try different things.”

It is no secret Carvalhal is hoping a new striker will walk through his door before the summer transfer window ends at 6pm on Tuesday.

Regardless, the Portuguese is confident Wednesday will be a stronger position when they return after the international break following Saturday’s clash with Middlesbrough.

He said: “I know the points where we can be better and I know exactly what we can do better with the players we have.

“I’m not unhappy but if you ask me if I want to be with different solutions and different options, yes of course.

“To do this, we need all the players ready because we miss some players.

“Don’t forget we are missing some players who are very important to the club.

“And let us see what happens at the hands of the transfer window.

“We will in the future, we will be more strong.

“If we have more solutions on the bench, you can do things like give a second life to the team.

“To do this we must be ready with all the players.”

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