Sheffield Wednesday Fans column: Roll on Wembley after ‘magical’ Semi-Final

Owls fans
Owls fans

What shall we talk about this week?

Do you want to talk about the ground shaking, hope giving, life affirming event that happened on Monday evening on the south coast? Oh go on then if we must.

Fernando Forestieri

Fernando Forestieri

The Play-Off semi-final first leg was nothing short of magical.

In my 25 years of watching Sheffield Wednesday play at Hillsborough, very few occasions have made me float out of the ground in a cloud of euphoria; the performance, the singing, the twinkling lights of Wednesdayites trying to capture the moment on their mobiles, it all felt like a wonderful dream.

Monday night was a different sensation.

It was how I imagine it feels to be repeatedly hit with a brick for two hours - painful with an overwhelming sense of relief when it stops.

You have to give Brighton a round of applause for the way they came out in the first half. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a relentless team performance.

What I applaud more is how The Owls handled it. Despite the onslaught we were defiant and resilient.

The Wednesday teams I’ve known from the past would have withered like an un-watered plant in the midday sun.

Not this team, each one was like a mighty oak that evening.

Forgive the hyperbole but this is what pride feels like. If Monday night tells us anything it’s that we want this and we’re capable of it.

Forget Hull City for a moment and think about what we’ve achieved. Brighton may have finished 15 points ahead of us but failed to beat us in four attempts.

So they may have thrown the proverbial kitchen sink at us on Monday night but we were skilled enough to throw it right back.

Wembley here we come!