Sheffield United: Blades warned U’s are ready to fight

Colchester have been warned they must be prepared to win ‘by any means necessary’ or risk being humbled at Bramall Lane, writes James Shield.

Tonight’s visitors arrive in South Yorkshire searching for their first of the season following last weekend’s draw with Chesterfield.

Manager Tony Humes, who received a vote of confidence from his chairman before that match, insists they possess the footballing ability to upset Sheffield United but acknowledged: “We do the footballing things very well and the nice things very well.

“But when it comes to doing the horrible things, we’re not good enough at this moment in time to do what we do and that’s down to individual responsibility. We coach them into how we want to play which they can do very well.

“But when it comes down to the easy way we’re conceding goals, we can’t stop it. We dominated a lot of the games but we’re not doing the dirty bits well enough.

“It’s up to the players taking that decision on the pitch to stop whatever is happening. It’s the individual mindset of players.”

Robbie Cowling, the Colchester chairman, revealed earlier this month that he has received letters from supporters insisting Humes is removed. Cowling, co-founder of recruitment company JobServe, issued a terse statement in response, saying: “I find it somewhat offensive when I receive a letter from a supporter of our club asking me to sack the manager.

“I have received such letters for every one of my managers to date and they usually follow the same pattern, where their first request is that I grow a pair and then use my new-found courage to dismiss someone from their job.

“And after just a few league games this season, two chairmen in League One have courageously (according to some of our fans) sacked their managers. Knowing these chairmen, I doubt either of them felt they were being courageous but just felt they were doing the best thing for their clubs.”

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