Shaw says Worksop’s future is uncertain if they can’t make new Sandy Lane deal work

Worksop Town new manager Mark Shaw
Worksop Town new manager Mark Shaw

Mark Shaw says Worksop Town will face an uncertain future if they can’t make the next year at Sandy Lane profitable.

The Tigers boss revealed that a new agreement with the ground’s leaseholder Pete Whitehead will allow Worksop to generate revenue.

But Shaw warns that if the club can’t make it successful, there’s no point in trying to buy the lease from Whitehead.

It will involve a lot of hard work from a lot of people, in the manager’s eyes.

“We all need to make it work,” he said.

“This is a very, very big project. It means we have to work even harder to make sure we’ve got a football club.

“We haven’t got a funding benefactor to fill the gaps, we just have a bigger financial responsibility to progress the club in the right direction.

“That falls on everyone at the club, it’s not time for people to wage their differences about what should and shouldn’t happen.

“It’s a time for everyone to start getting behind it. This is bigger than when we saved the club – we’ve got the club, now what are we going to do with it?”

Shaw doesn’t know what the future will hold, if the next year isn’t a successful one.

“If we fail we have to go somewhere else,” he said.

“No one will come and save us.

“We have to grasp this chance and make it work.

“If we don’t, I don’t know where do go or what to do.”

The manager, almost at the end of his third season at the club, is calling on supporters with historic grievances over how the club has been run, to put that aside and pitch in.

“People are upset over the past 10 years over the club going into exile and whose fault was it, but this is an opportunity to get involved and ask what does the club need me to do?

“It’s not just a case of buying into membership – yes, do that, but what can I do on matchdays? What can I do away from the club to generate profile or revenue?

“The money isn’t just for the playing budget, everyone wants a competitive team, winning and playing good football, but I think we wall want to have our own home. That’s what many supporters have told me.

“We’ve been given a one year lease but for me it’s a one year trial. If we don’t get it right we have to think of something else. There’s no point trying to buy a ground if we can’t functionally run it.

“Anyone who becomes involved becomes part of the history of how we got Worksop back to where it belongs, and how we got our home back.”

The club’s plans have not yet been made public, but they did hold a meeting between the decision making committee and management on Tuesday.

Shaw added his gratitute to Whitehead for giving the club a chance to use the ground to fundraise: “We have to thank Pete Whitehead, he wants to sell the ground but he’s allowing us generate funds for us to hopefully buy the ground.

“He didn’t need to do that.

“The club’s plan is close to being finalised, or it should be – it needs to be.”