Retford FC suspend fan after ‘isolated incident’ in win over Harworth Colliery


Retford FC has suspended a fan for their involvement in what the club has called an “isolated incident” during a match on Saturday.

The incident occurred late on during Retford’s home CMFL League Cup quarter final with Bassetlaw rivals Harworth Colliery.

Retford has since launched an investigation and issued an apology after the match which saw the home side win 2-1 and two players sent off.

A statement on Retford FC’s official club website read: “After yesterday’s (Saturday) win over Harworth Colliery, Retford FC have launched an investigation as to how a supporter entered the field of play and got involved with an incident on the pitch.

“The individual has been suspended by the club and we will now await the report from the referee and will comply with any investigation from the CMFL.

“It would be wrong to comment on the actions of anybody connected to the opposition side, because that is their responsibility to deal with.

“We have a good relationship with Harworth and sincerely hope that will remain so regardless of the heat of the moment actions.

“We would like to apologise to anyone who witnessed the incident and can assure everyone that this is an isolated incident and the club take matters such as this very seriously.

“We are endeavouring to build a family and community based club and won’t tolerate certain types of behaviour, regardless of the circumstances leading up to the regrettable incident.

“The club have no further comment to make at this time.”

Central Midlands Football League has been approached for comment.