‘Players let me down’ says boss

Mark Shaw is looking to make changes at Worksop Town, after his players were a ‘let down’ in the FA Cup on Saturday.

Speaking after the 1-1 draw with Bootle he said: “I feel a bit let down.”

“If the players aren’t good enough I can’t keep backing them.”

“We’ve spent a lot of time this week trying to increase the confidence levels, trying to get the ball down and play.”

“After about 20 minutes we just allowed what happened.

“It starts to make me think are they the right players for what we want to do?”

“For the last 10 minutes of the game we’ve been overrun, we probably should have lost.”

Shaw rounded on the more experienced players in his team, for not having more of a say in the outcome.

“We should be taking complete control of the ball, and the tempo.”

“I’m very disappointed with a few performances, people who are supposed to be experienced have not stood up.”

On his side’s inability to defend crosses and corners, Shaw said individuals had to take responsibility.

“When it comes to a game and the ball comes in, that player has to mark an attacking player. It’s a one versus one fight to win the ball.”

And he admitted changes were on the horizon.

“We’ve put seven days in and we’re looking to talk to a few players.”