OPINION: More needs to be done to eliminate homophobia in football

This month football teams of all abilities are showing their support in fighting homophobia within the sport. Â

With no openly gay footballers in any of the British football leagues, more should be done to show support for any players who want to come out. 

The LGBT community is getting as many teams and players as possible to wear anything rainbow; whether that be laces or socks to show support for the community and to raise awareness.  

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For there to be no homophobia in football it has been highlighted that match officials must document and report any abuse. From this the sporting authorities will then issue an immediate one or two-year ban. 

Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, are the organisation that focuses on eliminating issues such as homophobia in sport. They found that fans believe that there is more homophobia in sport, than racism. 

Other sports such as rugby have seen players come out as openly gay in recent years. Rugby player Gareth Thomas came out in 2008 as the first openly gay rugby union player.  

This huge act has paved the way for acceptance of the LGBT community within rugby and the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee hope that a player within football will do the same.  

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The Football Association (FA) have offered their support to groups of players who want to come out as openly gay and have said that any abuse around any player will be dealt with accordingly.  

Despite being in such a modern society, questions loom around the fact that people feel they have to hide their identity due to being in the public eye.  

The aim over the next few years will be to make sure there is a sense of acceptance for not just the LGBT community, but for all and within every sport including football.  

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