Opinion: Idiots involved in crowd trouble do not represent Worksop Town

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The idiots involved in ugly scenes at the end of Wednesday night’s match at Sandy Lane do not represent Worksop Town FC, but it’s up to the club to ensure it never happens again.

After 90 minutes there could be nothing but praise for the fantastic show of support for Tigers, and Tadcaster, from the 879 strong crowd - a magnificent number for a midweek NCEL game.

However what happened next was avoidable, and shameful.

The Tadcaster fans were sensibly shepherded down one side of the ground, and the Tigers fans down the other.

This would have been fine, had the mass exit from the ground been staggered, so Tadcaster left first and got to their bus, or were held back until the home support had departed.

Instead, the two sets of fans came face to face, and after some verbal taunting, a number of locals tried to make the confrontation a physical one.

Mercifully, it was a small number who were responsible for the ugly scenes.

We should have been talking about the atmosphere, the incredible attendance and the football, not the mindless actions of those who either went to the game to fight, or let the beer take hold.

Credit to Worksop Town officials and players, like the diminutive Anne Keep or the injured Sam Liversidge and Andy Ofosu who waded in to calm the situation.

Now, the club must move to identify and ban those responsible.

And the movement of rival groups of supporters has to be planned for future games, to give troublemakers no sniff of a chance to drag Tigers through the mud again.

The volunteers, officials, staff and players of Worksop Town are working too hard to let the club’s reputation be sullied by a very small minority who just fancy a scrap.

If they were real fans, baited into aggression by verbal abuse, then they’d have listened to assistant manager Chris Adam and backed off.

He was ignored, Mark Shaw was ignored, the club chairman was ignored - which makes me believe these weren’t Worksop Town supporters.

Well done to everyone responsible for pulling in almost 900 to Sandy Lane on Wednesday, that much was a triumph for the world’s fourth oldest club.

There’s a Bassetlaw derby coming up, and with the right planning an even bigger crowd could be gathered, and we’ll spend the following days discussing what an enjoyable matchday experience it was.