OPINION: Enough is enough - it's time for a change at the top at Forest

Nottingham Forest supporters who regularly follow my articles on my beloved club will know that I am not one to have a whinge for the sake of having one.

Tuesday, 11th October 2016, 2:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 2:33 pm

Some of the Forest contingent will have gripes with anything - and I mean anything!

We could be top of the league and 10 points clear, but if the club shop hasn’t got any furry dice left then you can guarantee there will be some people sending in tweets of displeasure to the club.

Quite frankly I wanted to write this piece to put on record my absolute disgust at how our once proud football club has got into such a precarious state.

The current affairs at the City Ground are utterly heartbreaking and I honestly feel as though the club will be forced into going backwards before it can make any real strides forwards once more.

The 2016/17 season is my 17th consecutive campaign as a season ticket holder and, although my 20th year is on the horizon, I simply fear that I won’t have the emotional strength to put myself through watching the club each week any longer.

That might sound like a cop out, a poor excuse, but trust me it isn’t one which I would take lightly.

Going to the City Ground used to be the highlight of the weekend.

The alarm would be set for 8am each and every Saturday and regardless of whether it was home or away I would have a spring in my step, something to look forward to for the rest of the day.

Nowadays, I prefer the social aspect of a few pints with my mates on a matchday rather than actually watching the football, such as been the average nature of it, particularly over the last 18 months.

Aside from the 1-0 win over Derby County and a thrashing of a very poor Fulham side, I don’t think I ‘enjoyed’ watching one game last season. Okay so it was decent to go for so long unbeaten in the middle of the campaign, but the football was bland and negative with a lot of draws during the 14-game run.

During the first three games of this campaign, four if you include the first defeat against Norwich City, Forest played some scintillating attacking football.

But the mediocre defending during the fixtures against Burton Albion, Wigan Athletic and Leeds United made for unbearable viewing at times.

The drop in attendances, particularly at home games, is also worrying for the club – although I wouldn’t put that entirely down to the style of football, with several fans reluctant to pay their money while we have Fawaz Al Hasawi as owner.

The Kuwaiti said on social media this week that he would not tolerate any abuse and offered an indication that if he left we – the fans – would need to find someone else to pay the expenses and wages.

Now there is certainly some irony into the last bit of that statement, considering that since he arrived at the City Ground, he has been forced to answer several questions regarding unpaid tax bills, late wage payments to players and staff and other financial demeanours.

This is the bloke who wants to sell the club but keep a 20 per cent stake in it. How ludicrous does that sound?

Imagine selling a house to someone but demanding to keep the living room and the back garden. The concept is ridiculous.

I don’t honestly know who Fawaz thinks he is asking for any stake in a club which has gone continuously backwards since his arrival, with a large portion of the blame firmly on his doorstep.

The club is not a toy and the loyal supporters deserve so much better than what they are currently getting year upon year.

I tend to stick up for managers, chairman and even players a lot longer than some other supporters but opinions are what make football great.

Even by my loyal standards my patience has completely disintegrated and the time has come for some sort of protest in order to try to force his arm into a sale.

To anyone planning one I would say that something before or after a game would be more constructive - after all none of Fawaz’s decisions are anything to do with boss Philippe Montanier or the players and, given the current seven-game winless run, they need all the backing we can possibly give them.

I crave to get that Saturday morning buzz that watching the Reds has given me over the last 17 or so years but until Fawaz Al Hasawi leaves, I fear we are stuck on a road straight into oblivion.