Nick Matthew column: ‘Humble’ Carvalhal intent on keeping flying Owls grounded

Sam Hutchinson, left, and Kieran Lee
Sam Hutchinson, left, and Kieran Lee

I’m hoping in another six months or so that I will be able to update my Twitter profile page.

At the moment, it says ‘suffering Sheffield Wednesday fan’ but the signs are that the good times are coming back to S6 after 20 years in the doldrums! (Obviously that is tongue in cheek)

It is still really early on in the season and the team are on a good run and through to the quarter-finals of the Capital One Cup.

There is a long way to go and it is always dangerous as a football fan when you dare to dream because you get a little bit carried away and that’s when you can get disappointed. You try not to get your expectations too high as the sport tends to disappoint you a lot.

The Championship can change around very quickly. Wednesday have strung a few results together but are still not in the play-offs which shows how competitive the league is.

What I have noticed the Owls are doing really well at the moment is their pressing as a unit. They really are a team and you can see that in the way they are playing. Sam Hutchinson, Kieran Lee and Barry Bannan really set the tone in midfield with their work rate and energy.

At Championship level, you have got to earn the right to play well and that’s a saying I have used throughout my career. It doesn’t matter whether it is a squash or football match, you have got to put in the hard yards and do the basics well. It is alright playing like Brazil when you are 3-0 up but you have to put the graft in first.

Everyone can look a good player in the early stages. What I like to do in squash is get the first game under my belt so I can then put the pressure on my opponent.

have been very impressed with how Owls boss Carlos Carvalhal has conducted himself. He seems like he is very good at keeping the players feet on the floor.

I have not met Carlos in person but my dad saw him in a restaurant in town the other week and said he was dead approachable, saying hello to everyone and looked very relaxed. When you are like that, people let you get on with your business.

What I like about Carlos is that he is playing down expectations. He keeps saying all the right things like they have got a long way to go and he is focusing on the next match and not going to get carried away.

Carlos appears very down to earth, humble and intelligent. He doesn’t buy into the theory of we are world beaters when we win and rubbish when we lose. He sees the bigger picture and I can imagine him being here for three or four years which is a long time for a manager in modern football these days.