New manager’s plea to fans as ex-Tigers return

Retford United v Worksop Town, Saturday February 4th 2017. Kyle Jordan scores for Worksop.
Retford United v Worksop Town, Saturday February 4th 2017. Kyle Jordan scores for Worksop.

New boss Craig Denton has asked Worksop Town supporters to keep an open mind on the former Tigers players he is bringing back into the club as part of his new-look squad.

Kyle Jordan, Steve Wankiewicz and Danny Booth all returned this week, having played for Denton at Rainworth MW, and follow names like Conor Brunt and Mark Simpson, who had already returned under the new manager this summer.

Woolley has come in as a right back though can play centre midfield, Wankiewicz is a centre back and Jordan an out and out centre forward who can also play in the hole.

Of the new trio, Denton said: “These are players keen to play for Worksop Town.

“I can understand the fans and other people looking in will be maybe judge me on bringing back the ‘same old players’.

“But it’s really, really important we have players who want to play for Worksop Town and believe in our philosophy and how we want to do things to take the club forward.

“There will be some smiling faces from Worksop Town fans that we’ve brought some old players back. But other fans might say we will only achieve what we’ve done in previous seasons with bringing them back.

“But I will be able to coach these players, get them to full fitness, and maybe make them better players. Hopefully fans will be willing to give these players another opportunity to play for the club and move on.

“I think it’s really important I am bringing in players that I trust and who I know will give 100 per cent.”

Denton confirmed his retained list from last season’s Tigers squad shows just three players with Steve Woolley, Michael Trench and Matty Templeton staying on and an offer made to Charlie Baird, who is heading for the USA.

“We re-evaluated players and where they are in terms of their fitness and what sort of characters I want within the group,” said Denton.

“Steve Woolley is a dedicated Worksop player who has been around the club for quite a while. His attributes fit in with my vision of next season and how we want to play.

“Matty featured for Worksop last season and he is a player I wanted to keep and he has agreed.

“I know a lot of about Trenchy – he is a great character who really wants to play for the football club, which was a big tick for me.

“A lot of players I have spoken to just wanted to discuss money, but these players want to represent the football club and play for Worksop Town. So I really wanted them on board.

“Charlie Baird has done really well in pre-season. He will keep in touch with us with what he is doing. He is going out to play in America, but we will keep close tabs on him.”

He aded: “There are one or two players we are still looking at. We have 16/17 players signed on once the league confirm them.

“Our ideal number going into the season would be 22, but we are an open book and if anyone comes along to better the side, we’d be looking to sign them. We always have our eye out.”

Worksop will kick-off their pre-season friendlies at Parkgate on Wednesday (7.45pm) after cancelling a scheduled trip to Shirebrook.

“The excitement is building up now. We’ve hit the ground running in terms of pre-season,” said Denton. “We are relishing the chance to get going and the players are looking hungry.

“We are getting the lads in two or three times a week and doing a double session at the weekend ahead of playing Parkgate away on Wednesday.

“We made the decision that we wanted to play a club we thought would give us a big test.

“We want to win games and score goals pre-season but we also wanted to be tested in terms of the quality and calibre of the side we are playing and we thought Parkgate would give us that.”