Laura Jones fans column: Steering Group meetings give Owls fans a platform to voice their views

Jordan Rhodes
Jordan Rhodes

A selection of Wednesday fans attended a Steering Group meeting at Hillsborough on Wednesday night to discuss various subjects.

The meetings really do give fans the chance to get answers straight from the horse’s mouth, instead of constant speculation.

There are a lot of positive actions being implemented, according to James Marriott, who is part of The Wednesday Week podcast team.

Shirts will be directly manufactured for the club, which will eliminate the ridiculous waiting times for stock. We’re within Financial Fair Play rules (for this season), Jordan Rhodes is a “done deal” and stadium redevelopment plans are drawn up.

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One of the major aspects of the meeting concerned the reasons for the recent stadium capacity restrictions. The answer – our annual safety inspection. The capacity was reduced on safety grounds to 33,800. The inspection will take place in two weeks and the board hopes that due to the improvements the club have made, this will increase to 36,000.

Before and after our win against Newcastle United, there were dissenting voices about the amount of tickets made available to the away fans. The board insist they wanted to give Newcastle the full allocation and that this was a decision by South Yorkshire Police and the Safety Advisory Group.

According to the board, the police also categorise the games, the higher the risk of crowd trouble means fewer tickets are made available.

We are being restricted on our potential income from all sides. We can’t give away fans the amount of tickets they might desire and there are fewer tickets available to home fans, which may be an issue if we do make it into the play-off semi-finals.

However, of all the clubs in the country, we are right to be cautious even if it affects our potential income. Could we come back from a damaging safety inspection with our history?

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