Laura Jones column: Let’s hope all the Rhodes lead to future success for Sheffield Wednesday

Matt Penney
Matt Penney

It’s been the longest running ‘will they/won’t they’ since Ross and Rachel from Friends (or the Gold Blend coffee couple if you’re not a child of the nineties), but finally Jordan Rhodes and Sheffield Wednesday are together.

Rhodes’ interview on the Owls’ website on Wednesday was down-to- earth, positive and genuine.

Rhodes comes across as a player who just wants to play football.

I know that’s a rose tinted fan way of looking at this deal because the money was also a major factor but after a rough year on the sidelines at Middlesbrough he sounds ready come in and make a difference.

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Rhodes stated that he’s kept himself fit and he’ll need a few games to settle in but from his interview it sounds as if he’s already well acquainted with the club through his father Andy.

Let’s hope Rhodes can hit the proverbial ground running.

The future of Sheffield Wednesday is blossoming. It’s not just our ability to make marquee signings such as Rhodes but also the time, money and effort being deployed into developing our own players.

We need to congratulate our U18’s for reaching the FA Youth Cup fifth round. It was a big ask for them to beat three-time winners Chelsea but the fact that we are knocking on the door shows how far we have come since Milan Mandaric invested in the restructure of the academy.

With the U18’s still in contention for a top two league finish, George Hirst on the hushed lips of Premier League scouts and Matt Penney going out on loan to Bradford City, we’re starting to see the fruition of Wednesday’s future.

Jordan Rhodes is a big part of our present plans for realising our promotion hopes but it’s the George Hirsts’, Matt Penneys’ and Jordan Lonchars’ that map out our future vision for success.

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