Langold U15s exit cup to Penistone


Langold U15s lost to Penistone at home in the cup 4-2 as they took their chances in front of goal well.

The first half started strongly for Langold, in the 11th minute and a switch ball from Marshall Clarke into right back Tristan O’fee started the attack. A short pass up the line to his wing partner Jak Turner to move the play further up field.

A touch inside then laid the ball off for striker TJ Wright who slotted the ball into the bottom left corner with a laced shot. 1-0 Langold and they were looking to outmatch the side a league above them in this cup draw.

However, Penistone pushed back trying to get there equalising goal and two minutes later they got it. A defender took an early freekick and passed it out wide.

The ball was passed out to the right wing where they took an early cross into the area and created no clear chance. However, a goal line scramble took place and eventually it fell to a Penistone player’s feet who rolled the ball over the line.

Langold’s attacking play in the game allowed them to regain the lead minutes before the second half started. A corner taken by Harland Phillips was defended but only back to him.

Instead of putting the ball back into the box, he struck the ball along the floor into the path of Clarke who hit the ball first time aiming for the top right corner.

The keeper got a hand to the ball but only padded the ball away and into the path of Captain Cameron Harper. Harper was able to flick the ball over his head from about a yard away from the line and found the top corner. As the half time whistle blew Langold went in winning 2-1.

The second half began and Langold kept the pressure on looking to extend their lead. However, Penistone equalised just five minutes into the second half. A cross from the right hand side was flicked onto the back post and fell to Penistone’s left winger for an easy tap in.

The score was 2-2 and Langold kept pushing to try and get a goal that would them the game within 90 minutes. Although they hit the post twice and saw shots just wide of post, the game finished 2-2 and both teams were forced into extra time.

The first half of extra time began and Langold continued their dominance within in the game and having the most possession within the game. However, in the 15th minute of extra time, Penistone took the lead from a penalty. A ball from the right hand side was curled along the floor and into the path of a Penistone striker.

Right back O’fee couldn’t get around his man and tried to give a small push that might have unbalanced the striker and put his shot off. However, the push was enough to bring the striker down and for the referee to award a penalty.

Keeper Beau Sissons stood tall and went to dive to his left, however the penalty taker placed the ball to his right and the score was 2-3 half way through extra time.

Langold pushed for an equaliser but couldn’t seem to get the ball into the back of the net. Penistone increased their lead in the 22nd minute of extra time, when a long free kick was taken and aimed at the back post where a Penistone attacker had a free header to double their lead.

Unfortunately, Langold just couldn’t finish the chances they were creating and were undeservedly kicked out of the competition after dominating the game.