Jordan wants to stay and hopes new Worksop boss is appointed quickly

Worksop Town FC v Bridlington Town FC, pictured is Kyle Jordan
Worksop Town FC v Bridlington Town FC, pictured is Kyle Jordan

Worksop Town captain Kyle Jordan would love to stay at the club next season but knows it all depends on the new manager.

Tigers are currently on the lookout for a boss and Jordan hopes the search is concluded sooner rather than later.

He believes it’s imperative for player recruitment to begin and pre-season fixtures to be confirmed as quickly as possible.

“The sooner, the better really,” he said of the impending appointment.

“The club are not going to rush into it, it’s a difficult situation for everyone.

“Any player that’s going to be worth having is going to be speaking to clubs that are putting something on the table.

“When Showie was in charge the amount of money the club will have brought in with the friendly games last summer was ridiculous.

“Boston, Lincoln and Mansfield came and there were 800 in the ground.”

The skipper, who hit the net 21 times last season as Tigers finished 13th, is aware of a number of team-mates who want to stay at Sandy Lane.

He concedes it might not be their choice.

“A lot of the lads in the team would love to stay,” he said.

“Everyone is being asked by other managers what their plans are.

“A new gaffer could come in and bring his own team in but people are passing up opportunities waiting on the new manager at Worksop.

“I really hope Kendo (Jon Kennedy) stays.

“I would love to stay.”

Jordan was one of the players who opted to stay with the club last season despite the sacking of manager Mark Shaw and a cut to the wage bill that sparked other departures.

At one stage the striker believed it would all turn out so differently.

“We played Pickering away on a Friday night in the first league game and we were brilliant,” he said.

“On the way home I was thinking, for the first time, we have a right chance here.

“But it was strange, we didn’t get beaten in the first seven games and then after the Retford game, when we were awful, we were turned on and that made life very difficult.

“The second and third months of the season were really disappointing, we couldn’t put any kind of a challenge together.”

After the off-field turmoil that saw Shaw dismissed and a new hierarchy take control of club affairs, Jordan admits the season eventually became an uphill struggle.

“When Kendo came in and took over it revitalised us a little bit.

“A lot of lads left but all the lads who stayed wanted to be here.

“Towards the end of the season it became impossible though, we had so many of us playing with injuries and we had no strength in depth.

“Sometimes people don’t quite realise how difficult it us.”

He’s pleased enough with his goal tally, all things considered, although acknowledges that it’s ‘not good enough’ to get teams promoted.

And although he was suspended earlier in the season by the club and fined two weeks’ wages for an offensive tweet aimed at a section of the fanbase, he’s keen to continue his association with Worksop Town.

“Quite often the few negative voices are the ones you hear over the few hundred positive ones,” he said.

“While I like to have a moan up and I’ve stepped over the line at times, at the end of the day people pay to come and watch you play.

“There has to be a little bit of give and take from both sides.”