James Baxendale loving new life as a coach at Worksop Town

Experienced Worksop Town midfielder James Baxendale says he has had to adapt mentally after stepping up to become a player coach at the club.

By Devon Cash
Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 1:59 pm
James Baxendale with boss Craig Parry. Pic by Lewis Pickersgill.
James Baxendale with boss Craig Parry. Pic by Lewis Pickersgill.

The former Mansfield man was appointed the role in February and, with the Tigers’ return to training last month, has enjoyed several sessions in his new position.

And the 28-year-old admits he is relishing the opportunity and explained how this has changed his way of thought during training.

“I am enjoying it; as I say, it is something different as I have to think about the other lads as well and not just myself, so it is quite good,” he said.

“I am thinking about the shape we play and how I can sort of effect other lads before and I can speak to them afterwards, meaning I am analysing as well as training almost.

“It was something that I had thought about as I was appointed in the role, but the group of lads that we have here are tremendous.

“I feel like I have got a lot to offer, so I want to keep developing as I work with a management team that has had several promotions and I have picked up a lot from them.

“I still have a lot to learn and working with them closely, we want to succeed, and we are working hard to do it and I want to play whatever part I can to help them succeed here.”

Having played three friendlies so far, Baxendale described how his mindset during a game has also altered to help other players.

“I have been analysing positions and analysing the games, and I have had a few lads come up to me and say, ‘what did you think to this’, ‘how can I improve’ and ‘what feedback would you give me’ after a game.

“These questions were asked player-to-player from time to time, but now I am in a coaching role, lads will come to me for a little bit extra and I have been doing attacking work with small groups and stuff like that and it is something I am thinking about.

“As I am playing, I am thinking about the other lad’s games and thinking that if I can get myself into this position then I can get the best out of this player and I think it is working really well and hopefully it continues.”

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