Hindley welcomes new Tigers ownership

Ryan Hindley.
Ryan Hindley.

Worksop Town boss Ryan Hindley says he's looking forward to what the future holds for the club after it was taken over by new owners this week.

Businessmen Paul Williams, Paul Tomkins and Niall Robertson took charge of the club on Tuesday after buying out the shares of previous owner Jason Clark.

And Hindley is hopeful that as well as the club as a whole being on a more sound footing, the playing side of things will also benefit in the long run.

He said: "It's great for the club and for the town. It's important to reiterate what the new guys have said about them not being multi-millionaires and this not being something that is going to see dramatic results overnight.

"But we are looking very purposefully towards next season now with a view to building a strong squad in the meantime that means we can challenge for promotion.

"People always think we must have a huge budget and can walk this league. That is far from being the case - we're not even in the top six when it comes to budgets - and this won't be a situation where crazy money is thrown in just to bankroll the league."

Hindley is now hoping to be able to keep a more rigid squad of players that he can encourage to stay thanks to the more stable surroundings.

He said: "I hear a lot about there being a revolving door here but there's not much I can do about that. When our best players attract the bigger clubs we have had very little choice but to let them go because we can't compete financially.

"What I hope now is that we can build a squad of 16-18 players that will want to stay together and give us the chance to have a more stable setup.

"This deal has got the club debt free and on a level playing field. Hopefully now we can reap the benefits of getting crowds of 4-500 people and a great youth setup too."

Hindley added that changes to his squad may still follow this season but more with next season in mind.

He said: "We've had a few come and go this season but the vast majority of those that have left wouldn't have been able to win us this league. I now have to build a team of players that are capable of that.

"There are pressures that come with playing in front of big crowds each week and being part of such a famous club, but I want to have the best players the NCEL has to offer here, potentially with one or two from higher levels too. The emphasis will remain on having a largely young squad sprinkled with some experience."

Hindley says he has been in regular contact with the new owners, adding: "I've spoken to Paul Williams a lot and have been assured my own role is safe and that they're happy for me to take things forward, which I look forward to doing.

"We have a tough game this weekend but I think after that we could really start to kick on."