Expecting too much, too soon?

Expectations on the young Worksop Town side might be too weighty, says manager Mark Shaw.

Speaking in the wake of Wednesday night’s 3-2 defeat in Bradford, Shaw said it might take longer for the club to achieve on-field success than initially hoped.

“I feel for the players a little bit,” he said.

“They’ve had three really good sessions in training, where I’ve been really impressed and really upbeat.”

“But maybe I need to take a bit more time, keep going over the things we’re doing.”

“It’s a new side, with players who aren’t yet fully developed, and I’m trying to make fair judgements on people.”

“But we might be wanting a bit too much, too soon, and maybe it’s alonger project than people think.”

Shaw conceded that two defensive errors and a poor first half performance had made the midweek game against Albion Sports an uphill struggle.

“We’ve only played for 45 minutes,” he said.

“In the first half we were very soft, very weak, we didn’t stamp our authority on the game at all.”

“You can’t play games for 45 minutes.”

“It might take time but it’s a very big learning curve. You’ve got to play to the game plan, which we didn’t do until the second half.”

“We’ve had enough chances in the second half to win the game.”

He revealed that his half-time and full-time team talks revolved around players growing up and making the right decisions on the pitch.

“At half-time I said they’d got to go from being children to men.”

“They’ve got to rise up and take the opportunity on board - who else is going to give them the opportunity they’ve got here?”

“They’re young lads and they’ve got to learn.”

“It’s disappointing to lose. In the first half we were outmuscled and could have been three or four down, but in the second half we deserved a point.”

“After the final whistle I’ve just talked to them about players in good positions on the pitch making good choices, the right choices.”

“We’ve had players who could make a simple pass for a tap in, who shot and missed.”