Denton wants to attract fans back to Sandy Lane

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New Worksop Town manager Craig Denton hopes to increase the club’s already leading attendances.

Tigers averaged 371 at Sandy Lane last season - more than double that of the club with the second highest attendance (Penistone Church, 172).

Denton is no stranger to the size of the club or the fan base and is eager to play his part in attracting more supporters back to the club by assembling a winning team.

He said: “The fans are really special at Worksop. The fans are the club and the club is the fans. There are a lot of teams in and around our league and higher who would love our fan base. The size of it obviously comes with a bit of pressure but if the football side is right, the players are performing well and we’re winning games, I can see that attendance number go up.

“It’s always been good but if things are really right on the pitch that attendance can go up, even double in size, which is an aim for the club and for me to get people back enjoying the games.”

And added: “One of the big key factors for me is the vision of the club and how they wanted everyone to come together as a football club and all sing off the same hymn sheet.

“That was a massive draw for me. It’s not about me, or the players, it’s about all of us together moving in the right direction.”