Craig Parry hails fight of his Worksop Town players after FA Trophy progress

Craig Parry wants to see Worksop tighten up at the back. Photo: Lewis PickersgillCraig Parry wants to see Worksop tighten up at the back. Photo: Lewis Pickersgill
Craig Parry wants to see Worksop tighten up at the back. Photo: Lewis Pickersgill
Worksop Town boss Craig Parry wants his side to tigthen up at the back after their win over Ramsbottom in the FA Trophy.

The Tigers had trailed 3-0 before they battled back to secure a 4-4 draw and an eventual 5-4 shoot-out win.

But while pleased for the players, Parry admits his side must be tougher to score against.

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Parry said: “At the minute for us every game could be 8-8.“Probably for the neutral it’s great, but for me, it’s on the edge of your seat kind of games.

“I’m nailed on to have a heart attack soon because every time we go forward we look like we’re going to score, but every time the opposition came at us, they look like they were going to tear us apart.

“We’ve got address it; we said to the lads in there I’m glad we’ve won today.

“Within seven days, we’ve lost nine players. We trained on Thursday and we struggled to get a side out.

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“I’ve got two centre-halves out at the minute, a centre-midfielder as well, and I’m playing Jack (Broadhead) out of position at centre-half to get us through. I’ve got another centre-half that’s got COVID, so he’s self-isolating.

“It’s just at the minute, it’s very hard work, and I’m glad we’re through – it’s great.

“I’m sure the fans will go away enjoying it. A 4-4 draw with some great goals and penalties and our ‘keeper [Sebastian Malkowski] is becoming a local hero.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do to get this side back to where it should be.“They (Ramsbottom United) are the best side we’ve played; they’ve got some good players.“They’re big and strong, they will take some stopping. I know their league very well and they’re going to take some stopping.”But the Town boss also praised the fight his side have shown as injuries and absences begin to bite.

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“We’ve got both of our full-backs to play as wingers, so I’m not going to blame the defence – I know I’ve been honest and open since I’ve walked through the door," he said.“The way we play and wanting to score goals means that we leave gaps. I know we can counteract on that and we’re not doing that.“As a team, we’re not holding it up and we’re not pressing as a team at the right time.“We’ve got to get better at that; either the lads that are in at the minute do or the lads that are out need to come back pretty quick.“I know what they can do for me and I know what I will get from them.

“For a side in a new environment, and to try and get everything together added on with so many injuries, I’m playing with two Under-21s on the bench, to get to where we are today and to go and get the win I’m quite pleased.

“I think the comeback against Belper and the comeback today, it just shows the guys aren’t going to give up.

“I would hope from the fans perspective, I think what the last two games have shown us that even when things aren’t going right, or things are just not going well, that the lads are going until the end.

“These lads won’t give up; we’re trying and they're trying their best.”