‘Concern’ over Vesuvius progress

WORKSOP Town chairman Jason Clark has voiced his ‘concern’ over a lack of progress on a new ground for the club.

The Chesterfield businessman told the Guardian this week that he was frustrated that there was little in the way of news from developers Commercial Estates Group.

CEG are redeveloping the old Vesuvius site, and a condition of their planning consent was that they build a football ground for Tigers.

Clark said: “There are many parties involved in the delivery chain, much of which involves relationships of a contractual nature, so it is natural that this should take some time.”

“I am concerned however at the lack of tangible progress, but remain willing and committed to be as flexible as possible to ensure a positive outcome for the football club”.

David Hodgson from CEG released a short statement on the development saying: “We are continuing to work closely with the Council and Worksop Town Football Club to progress and finalise the proposals for the development.”

A spokesman for Bassetlaw Council revealed that they sent a draft planning agreement to CEG in January, and expect a response this week.

“The council submitted a draft planning agreement to the developers for comment back in January,” he said.

“Officers will be meeting with CEG’s representatives later this week to receive their response. Bassetlaw District Council is committed to ensuring the best possible deal, both for the Football Club and the Town. ”

MP John Mann added that he had no concerns over the future of the development. He said: “The football ground is a condition of the planning agreement. That’s part of the package and cannot be dropped.”

“It’s a very important development. That site needs to be developed for jobs and we need a ground there to secure the long term future of the football club.”

“It’s fair to say there is less pressure with regard to timing with the football ground because they have Sandy Lane. There’s not the urgency there was two years ago.”