Chairman takes step back from Tigers role

Cannon Park, Leverton Road, Retford.'Worksop Town FC vs Chasetown.'Picture: Far right is Worksop Town FC Chairman Jason Clark. w100918-6i
Cannon Park, Leverton Road, Retford.'Worksop Town FC vs Chasetown.'Picture: Far right is Worksop Town FC Chairman Jason Clark. w100918-6i
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Worksop Town chairman Ian Smith has taken a ‘step back’ from the club due to personal circumstances but says he intends to return to his role.

Supporters had begun to question his absence from games and the lack of communication from the shareholder, and this week he responded to a Guardian request for answers.

Although he didn’t specify when he will become involved in the day to day running of the club, Smith did clarify the decision making process.

His statement said: “I have a lot going on in my own life at the moment and as a result I made a decision to take a step back with regard to the football club.”

“I love the football club, I will always love the football club.”

“I have only managed to watch one of their games so far this year.”

“I am missing football and my normal day to day dealings with regard to football club matters.”

“I hope to become more involved again as soon as I feel able.”

“I would like to thank everyone involved in the club for their support, patience and understanding.”

“I know not everyone will agree with the decision I made to take a ‘step back.’”

Smith stepped down from the role of treasurer, and was replaced by Richard Brandon.

The club’s secretary role is filled by Paul Stacey, who filled the gap left by Keith Ilett’s retirement.

One of the club’s shareholders, along with former backer Jason Clark, local councillor Chris Smith and the Supporters Trust, Ian Smith explained how the club is currently running.

“A committee has been set up involving the shareholders, Supporters Society board members and Paul Stacey, as football club secretary.”

“They now make decisions with regard to the day to day running of the football club.”

Smith insists that supporters, who have been funding the club by selling memberships and holding special events, will be kept in the loop when it comes to decisions.

“The supporters are now the main finances of the football club and as such they have a means of finding out where and how their money is being spent – if they ask the question.”

The chairman expressed his pride at the club’s financial position, just weeks after financer Clark announced he would no longer be putting money in.

But he admitted the long term future depended on the club’s ability to find and play in a ground of their own and called on local politicians to back the Tigers.

He said: “The immediate future of the football club has been secured by a great deal of work and effort by a lot of people.”

“If it is to continue being financed by the supporters this hard work needs to continue.”

“In order to secure the long term future for Worksop Town FC it needs its own ground.”

“This can and should happen but it will need hard work and support from John Mann and the council.”