BLOG: Worksop Town might sound like a discordant club, but everyone is singing fromt he same hymn sheet

Worksop Town v Pontefract Colliers.   'The Tigers return to the kick-off spot after their first half goal.
Worksop Town v Pontefract Colliers. 'The Tigers return to the kick-off spot after their first half goal.

Mark Shaw isn’t happy, players aren’t happy, and supporters aren’t happy – and nor should they be.

The reason the Worksop Town manager has a bit of a moan now and again, the reason Tigers players are voicing frustration at one another and the reason fans are sounding off on social media is that they care.

Shaw wants to achieve things with this club, the players want to be winners, and the fans want to celebrate success.

It all amounts to the same thing.

At the moment, an outsider might think that it all sounds discordant.

But really, everyone is singing different parts from the same hymn sheet.

You’d be worried if people resembled the Cheshire Cat, when the NCEL Premier title appeared to be slipping out of sight.

The moaning and the groaning isn’t problematic in itself, because people just want the best for their club.

But what can’t happen is for everyone to turn on each other, or start taking things for granted.

It’s fine for the manager to demand more from his players, and it’s healthy for players to point at a team-mate and hold them to account.

Of course paying fans should vent about a performance, if it was below the standard they know a team is capable of.

It just can’t be allowed to fester, and fracture the relationships between the boss, the squad and the supporters.

If you turn up to the next game still grumbling about the last, then there’s a problem.

Shaw and the players need to count upon the vocal support of the travelling fans at Maltby on Saturday – we know they doesn’t need to worry about attendance, Tigers fans have been turning out in huge numbers this season.

And in return, the fans need to see that the team has put the Retford performance and the Brigg result behind them.

If it’s not evident from this weekend’s display that this group of players is still aiming for the top of the table, there’s little point in them being at Sandy Lane.

Only a united front will do.

Those on the pitch side of the perimetre fence need to realise how lucky they are to have the backing of so many in the stands.

And the supporters only need to look back 21 months to realise how lucky they are to have a team challenging for any sort of title.