Blog: Thirteen lessons to learn from Wednesday’s Senior Cup rout

Worksop Town v Phoenix FC in the Sheffield Senior Cup at Sandy Lane. Tigers player Antonio Wedderburn scores.
Worksop Town v Phoenix FC in the Sheffield Senior Cup at Sandy Lane. Tigers player Antonio Wedderburn scores.

Sports editor Graham Smyth attempts to pull 13 lessons out of Worksop Town’s 13-0 mauling of Phoenix in the Sheffield Senior Cup on Wednesday.

Tigers broke the record for the biggest win at Sandy Lane as they progressed to the next round with ease.

Here is what we now know...

1) There is an appetite for the Sheffield Senior Cup - a crowd of 217 for a midweek game against a Central Midlands side is impressive. Although it’s unlikely Tigers broke even.

2) Tigers want to win this cup - they wouldn’t have risked Luke Shiels otherwise.

3) Antonio Wedderburn is a real prospect - regardless of the opposition he showed strength on the ball, awareness and an eye for goal. He’s surely pushing for a starting place.

4) Goalkeepers are angry men - Ben Gathercole still exploded with rage when his defenders gave away possession, while 10-0 to the good in the second half.

5) Size does not matter - Jack Hawkins ran the show at times, despite his diminuative stature. At some point this season we’re going to have to stop talking about his height.

6) Tommy Spencer loves a goalfest - the 68-year-old was manager 20 years ago when Tigers thumped British Gas 12-0, and returned to the dugout for Wednesday’s record breaking rout.

7) Referees can blend into the background - Dave Evans officiated the game sensibly, kept his cards in his pocket and only drew the ire of the home support once or twice. Impressive stuff.

8) A bit of class goes a long way – the best Phoenix player on the night, Kieran Gallagher, took the time to tweet his congratulations to Worksop after the game. Good sport.

9) Expect no sympathy at Sandy Lane – when poor Matt Horschell-Smith, the Phoenix keeper, slipped over and gifted Tigers their 13th the laughter rang out around the ground. Unlucky for some.

10) You don’t need to lose the plot – Phoenix could have resorted to physicality in response to the beating but they took it on the chin. Many other teams could learn from their discipline.

11) Kids look up to footballers, even part-time ones - almost every single mascot at Sandy Lane this season has looked thrilled when greeted by a Worksop Town player. Wednesday’s bunch were no exception.

12) Linesmen are getting younger all the time - one of Wednesday’s officials clearly hadn’t started shaving yet.

13) The press will over analyse anything - it was a Sheffield Senior Cup game, won by a team with better players. That’s probably the only lesson we needed to learn.

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