BLOG: Tadcaster slip opens the door for Handsworth, and it’s only ever so slightly ajar for Worksop

Worksop Town FC v Retford United, Worksop Town Junior's walk out with the team
Worksop Town FC v Retford United, Worksop Town Junior's walk out with the team

On Monday I stated my belief that the NCEL Premier title was long gone for Worksop Town.

I took no pleasure in saying it, but having witnessed that performance at Maltby, and the league table at 5pm, I was convinced.

As of Thursday morning, I haven’t changed my opinion – but two things happened this week to introduce a slight question mark.

Firstly, Mark Shaw has decided enough is enough and spent the week trying to bring in much needed reinforcements.

And secondly, Tadcaster faltered – just a little.

The new league leaders have been on a magnificent run, doing what champions do and grinding out what were often narrow victories.

But on Wednesday night they went down to Staveley.

That result might have opened the door wide for the likes of Handsworth, who are two points behind the Brewers and still have to play them.

But the door is only slightly ajar for Tigers, three points adrift of Tadcaster who have two games in hand.

Were Worksop in top form and thumping teams, then maybe last night’s result would give rise to more optimism.

The form table does not lie, however – Tigers are ninth in that list, with one win in four outings.

And life does not get any easier when you’re struggling – Bridlington are Saturday’s visitors.

The Seasiders have won five of their last six and know that a win over Tigers will negate that game in hand Shaw’s men have over them.

As bleak as the table, the form and performances might be, it was heartening to see some activity in the ‘transfer market.’

Kieron Davies has come in, and Shaw’s hope is that several more will join him this week.

There has been a lot of talk about fresh faces coming to training lately, but more often than not those moves haven’t materialised.

This is no fault of the manager’s, if the financial carrots he’s dangling aren’t attractive enough to players of the necessary calibre.

Not everyone will accept a drop to the NCEL Premier.

Shaw will fight to the end, there’s no doubt about that, and he should be supported.

The odds are very long, but if he can instill some fight in a beleagured squad, and lots of results go the right way, you just never know – I could be eating my words come 30th April.

And they would taste delicious.