Blog: If this is Worksop’s fresh start, transparency and a united front are key

Windsor Food Stadium, Sandy Lane.  Worksop Town FC  (w120711-1g)
Windsor Food Stadium, Sandy Lane. Worksop Town FC (w120711-1g)

The news that Worksop Town have sent their signed groundshare agreement to the football authorities will have been a huge relief to the fanbase.

It might have happened with just 24 hours to spare, but it happened and now everyone at the club can start looking to the future.

There was, however, a curious line in the club’s Thursday morning press release: “No details regards the agreement will be released at this time, however following Tuesday’s meeting, action plans will be published and details may be revealed for the club’s plans for the 2016/2017.”

If information is still sensitive, and behind the scenes issues prevent full disclosure then no one in their right mind would criticise Worksop for their stance.

But it’s a long standing complaint of a section of the club’s support, that information is kept from them in a secretive manner.

So the last line, teasing that the 2016/17 plans might be unveiled, won’t sit too well in some quarters.

Supporters and local firms can only start to get behind the new vision for the future – whatever that is – when they have the full facts.

And given that we’re now in April, manager Mark Shaw is going to need to know his 2016/17 playing budget sooner rather than later.

His comments in today’s Guardian suggest that he hasn’t yet been informed.

You would expect that to be an important part of Tuesday’s meeting between the club management and the decision making committee.

Details on the agreement are not publicly available, but I understand there may be an opportunity for Tigers to start raising funds in ways that were previously not available to them.

This could be the first occasion in a long time that Worksop have been able to formulate a long-term strategy, and communicate it to the people they need as backers – the fans, and local industry.

If this is the case, and if the club are transparent, then I’d encourage everyone to put behind them past grievances over the running of the club, and the withholding of information.

Worksop have been in somewhat of a holding pattern since Jason Clark pulled his finances, existing – but no more than that.

A fresh start is needed, and that united front Mark Shaw keeps banging on about is essential.

Surely it’s time something went really right?