Alan Biggs at Large: Defeats unacceptable - but it’s now time to back Nigel Clough’s Sheffield United

Nigel Clough
Nigel Clough

Depending on the result at Barnsley on Saturday Sheffield United will either walk into the play-offs or stagger by the wayside. Nigel Clough will either be the right manager all along or be for the sack in the summer. According to some people. In which case they would be forgetting that United are at home to Doncaster in another local derby on Tuesday. And then at Oldham on Saturday. Among seven remaining matches.

So I’d humbly suggest that extreme reactions to one result are not going to help anybody, not least the cause of those who make them. Don’t get me wrong. Do I think that losing

at home to Fleetwood and Crewe is acceptable to a team of United’s resources? No. But I do remember how other big clubs (Leeds, Wednesday) struggled to escape the third tier in recent years. And they needed fans to stay with them through peaks and troughs.

Bramall Lane’s 19,000 gates are remarkable, admirable. Somehow players and supporters have to create an atmosphere to match rather than a rumbling undercurrent of discontent. There’s all

to play for.