A first for the world’s fourth oldest football club as new Worksop Town women’s team train side by side with men’s first team players

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The Worksop Town women’s team and the men’s first team came face to face for the first time last weekend, at a joint training session .

In a first for the world’s fourth oldest football club, boss Mark Shaw coached 16 women – all hoping for a place in the new ladies squad – and a number of the men’s first team.

He called it a unique moment for the club.

“We had our first get together for the women’s team and to have 16 there was fantastic to see,” he said.

“To have two first teams, men and women, training side by side in front of the chairman, the secretary, and myself was a unique achievement for the club.”

“We want the women to feel like they’re treated the same as the men, and I’m very upbeat about it – but it’s early days.”

The women’s team will train together again this weekend, with more players expected to swell the ranks of the fledgling squad.