First week at the table

THE first week of the Gainsborough and District Table Tennis League’s 2012-13 season produced some competitive action.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16th October 2012, 10:16 am

In Division One Blitz Aardvarks took a 7-3 victory over Liberal Meteors.

Lots of long games produced a 5-5 draw between Blues Club Beacons and stablemates Aces, and also between Blitz Chunky Monkeys and the Bunnies.

For Chunky Monkeys Steve Johnson was unbeaten.

In Division Two new boys Willingham Wizards made Blues Knights fight hard to win 9-1, a scoreline that gives a false impression of the play.

Kestrels beat Blitz Eagles 9-1, also.

Blues Dynamics made few mistakes during their 8-2 win over Methodist Batmen, while a 5-5 draw between Blitz Gallacticos and clubmates Falcons seemed a fair result with Gallacticos’ Joe Sheehan winning three of his team’s games.


Division One: Aardvarks 7 (Clive Mitchell 3, Paul Rodgers 3, doubles), Meteors 3 (Mick Tindall, Mark Betts and Roy Ellis); Beacons 5 (Phil Dixon 3, Rob Garner, Wally Kingston ), Aces 5 (Barry Lamb 2, Gary Adlington 2, doubles); Chunky Monkeys 5 (Jacob Marshall, Steve Johnson 3, Sam Mason), Bunnies 5 (Karl Wynne 2, Jim Wynne 2, doubles).

Division Two: Knights 9 (Dave Shelley 3, Barry Hodgson 3, Norman Swindell 2, doubles), Wizards 1 (Sam Wilkins); Eagles 1 (Shaun Harris), Kestrels 9 (Dave Mason 3, Brian Reed 3, Pete Gray 2, doubles); Dynamics 8 (Mark Ayris 3, Joanne Bagshaw, Neil Clayton 3, doubles), Batmen 2 (Ken Eliot, Tom Lovely); Gallacticos 5 (James Longstaff , Joe Sheehan 3, doubles), Falcons 5 (Josh Croft 2, Ben Marriott 2, Chris Whiteley).