Early strugglers seek first win in badminton derby clash

NBL Badminton 1st Dec 2014, Nottingham UniNBL Badminton 1st Dec 2014, Nottingham Uni
NBL Badminton 1st Dec 2014, Nottingham Uni
Early strugglers in the new National Badminton League clash on Monday as University of Nottingham Badminton and Loughborough Sport meet in an East Midlands derby at Nottingham’s Albert Hall.

Neither team has hit the ground running in the opening two games which will only add to the drama expected on court.

Despite two losses, both team still have four points which gives them a fighting chance of still reaching the top four, who will all contest the finals weekend.

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Martyn Lewis, coach of University of Nottingham Badminton, who are skippered by Ravenshead star Chris Adcock, said: “ Although we are currently joint bottom of the table with Loughborough and MK, it isn’t the end of the world.

“Surrey Smashers are currently on seven points and are topping the table. Every game you win you accumulate points so it’s just a matter of keeping it close.

“We have the team in Nottingham to compete in this league and performances from the first game to the second were greatly improved.

“It will take time for our players to get used to the new scoring, new exciting features and everything else that goes along with NBL. Saying that, it still is very exciting to watch.”

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Monday’s match will feature fantastic, high quality players on both teams, including Nottingham’s own Chris Adcock alongside Robert Blair and Olga Konon plus Loughborough’s Henri Hurskaninen and Linda Zetchiri.

For tickets go to http://tickets.sky.com/Badminton/University-of-Nottingham or visit the Student Union ticket office at the University of Nottingham

For more info on The University of Nottingham Badminton visit www.nottingham.ac.uk/badminton or Twitter - @UoN_NBL.