Ducks on the way down after two defeats


By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 25th December 2012, 10:25 am

THE Misterton Mallards (M5) are now third in the Monday Daytime Triples.

The long-time leaders have lost their last two matches without being competitive.

Against Geoff Gray’s M1 the ducks were downed 22-7 but they did battle a bit better when losing 15-8 to new leaders Trevor Gaines’ M9.

M9 have won eight in a row to lead from Marjorie Ward’s M4, who have won seven out of eight, but M4’s only match against a top team resulted in a crucial 25-9 defeat to M9.

Audrey Rogers’ M8 have won four close matches in a row to be fourth and have an outside chance, and if Gaines’ team were to falter Roger’s outfit would be a major threat.

Against Barry Grocock’s M12, bottom team M8 were losing 8-2 but finished well to win 12-10.

Roy Marsh’s M3 are playing well but they are handicapped by a bad start to the season.


TOM Dubber’s W3 have their work cut out to retain the Wednesday Sets Championship following a crucial defeat which drops them to fourth.

They lost a close match, decided on the last end 5-1 (3 shots) to Ken Walker’s W2 who now climb to second.

The match could easily have been a draw.

Dubber’s team still have a very good chance if they can win their game in hand.

Ken Walker’s team (Roy Marsh, Ken Clark, Dave Childs) set a new record score for the sets league, and possibly for any match, when beating Barry Grocock’s W1 team 22-0, 14-1, and 15-0 for a total score of 51-1.

Meanwhile Rosemary Woollard’s W7 team have impressively won seven in a row to take over the lead.

They have won two of their last three matches by collecting maximum points. but Ken Walkers team are a major threat.

Trevor Gaines’ W5 team are third but they have a recent record of won two and lost two which clearly isn’t good enough, but they are still close enough if they can re-find their form.

They lost 5-1 (7 shots) to Enid Underwood’s W6 team.

At the bottom Dave Robinson’s W9 team beat Eric Proctor’s W8 team, their nearest rivals, by 4-2 (2 shots) for their first win.