Challenge in Scotland for runners

BASSETLAW’S orienteers had a challenging time at the International JK Festival in Scotland over Easter weekend.

On day one, at the JK Sprint in Livingstone, Bassetlaw runners achieved the following results: M16 Will Parkinson 28th, M18 Ben Beresford 15th, M40 Paul Beresford 34th, M55 Robert Parkinson 31st, M55 Graeme Huggan 64th, W45 Helen Parkinson 62nd.

Day two and day three were long distance races held on the hills around Pitlochry.

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The navigation was difficult and the terrain tough for all of the races.

The combined results for local runners were: M16A Will Parkinson 37th, M18E Ben Beresford 19th on day one, M40s Paul Beresford 5th, M55S Robert Parkinson 21st, M55L Graeme Huggan 77th on day one, W45S Helen Parkinson 29th.

The final day was the relays. The event was held on a fast open hillside with great spectator viewing.

An added incentive was that the two Bassetlaw relay teams made up a Lads v Dads challenge.

They were entered into the Mens Short class and it ended in a comprehensive victory for the ‘Lads’ team. They finished in 17th place overall, while the Dads team came 31st place.