Birds and bowlers

Eleven members of Gainsborough and District Homing Society sent 133 birds last Saturday, to be released at Bedhampton.

The race was over a distance of 178 miles.

They were released at 8am in a west-south-west wind, with the leading bird of D. Potts averaging over a mile a minute.

Results: 1, D. Potts 1793 ypm; 2, D. Potts 1749; 3, D. Potts 1742; 4 G. Shearman 1683; 5, G. Spencer 1682; 6, Mr and Mrs D. Healey 1670; 7, G. Spencer 1665; 8, H. Cuffling 1661; 9, G. Shearman 1660.8; 10, D. Hazel 1660.7.

There will be an open bowls drive at Rose Leisure’s North Warren Road rink on Saturday 18th May starting at 2pm.

For more details telephone organiser Mr Coy on 01427 615711.

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