Your bath-time doodles and drawings explained

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As many emotions are being experienced by the British populace, many are starting to subconsciously express themselves by doodling on steamy windows and bathroom mirrors.

These homemade masterpieces can feel trivial in nature, but graphologist Tracey Trussel reveals the deeper meaning behind our doodles in the bathroom.

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Rainbows have become popular in household windows across the UK to show support for the front-line staff during the current lockdown. They are also a universal symbol of hope and a promise of better times to come.Children are also saying that they are putting their trust in adults to sort things out.


Hearts symbolise love, empathy and innocence. The doodlers are affectionate and caring.

Flowers are for friends, relationships and social lives. Drawing one of these shows that someone is caring and wanting to brighten someone else’s day.

Stars mainly represent idealism, as people hope and dream for better times, so this shows someone is imagining the perfect world with their favourite people.

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Bathroom starBathroom star
Bathroom star

Smiley faces reveal someone with a sense of fun, although it can also mask a person’s sadness.

They can often be a throw-away gesture as someone does it in an attempt to put a smile on another’s face. These people are trying to put a brave face on situations.

Clouds symbolise escapism as someone is daydreaming. Someone usually draws clouds during a period of crisis and change as it reveals intense emotions.

If the drawing is shaded or filled-in, it can also mean that the artist is worried or anxious at that moment. Messy drawings in general suggest someone is struggling to cope and have lots of tension built up.

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Musical notes are often drawn by musicians who have a love for the industry, sound and tunes. It suggests someone who is creative musically, but they can also be drawn by someone who is optimistic about the future.

The research was carried out by Big Bathroom Shop.

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