The UK's favourite news moments of 2022 – including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Lionesses winning the Euros

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A study of 2,000 adults revealed 20 per cent were hooked on reading about the constant concession of Prime Ministers.

Whilst 17 per cent were shocked the UK came second in the Eurovision song contest and 11 per cent couldn’t believe Matt Hancock entered the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ jungle.

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Other top moments include Liz Truss getting outlasted by a lettuce (20 per cent), David Beckham queueing to see the Queen’s coffin (17 per cent) and the dog that turned itself into a police station after being spooked by fireworks (14 per cent).

A quiz has been created to find out how much attention you were paying in 2022.

The research, commissioned by digital magazine and newspaper app Readly, which created the Readly Quiz of the Year 2022, found 71 percent of adults think 2022 has been a particularly memorable year in terms of news.

Chris Couchman, head of content at Readly said: "2022 has certainly been a year of ups and downs with war, covid recovery, inflation and now strikes.

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“We have mourned some of the nation's most popular characters whilst winning one of the World’s top tournaments.

“The concern around COVID-19 has been taken over by the cost-of-living crisis.

“If we were told we’d see three Prime Ministers this year and also our monarch's reign would come to an end, you wouldn’t believe it, but it seems no news is surprising these days.”

In a typical month this year, 11 per cent of respondents have had 10 or more conversations about memorable events with friends, family and colleagues.

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Just over seven in 10 (71 per cent) consider themselves in the loop with current news events.

With news broadcasts on TV (46 per cent), newspapers (34 per cent) and the radio the most common ways of getting this kind of information.

Nowadays though, Brits also like to get their news in other forms, with 42 per cent saying they are listening to podcasts and 14 per cent are getting it through digital magazines.

The Trojan Horse Affair (16 per cent), BBC Good Food with Tom Kerridge (14 per cent) and Desert Island Dishes (12 per cent) were among the most popular podcasts respondents listen to.

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Residents of Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh hold a street party to celebrate The Queens Platinum Jubilee. June 5 2022Residents of Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh hold a street party to celebrate The Queens Platinum Jubilee. June 5 2022
Residents of Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh hold a street party to celebrate The Queens Platinum Jubilee. June 5 2022

The nation hopes for positive news in 2023

The OnePoll study also found that Love Island (38 percent), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (36 per cent) and I’m a Celebrity (34 per cent) are the topics adults don’t want to hear any more about.

Followed by YouTube personalities (32 per cent), Cristiano Ronaldo (31 per cent) and cryptocurrencies (29 per cent).

The Queen came out on top as the most shocking death of the year (37 per cent), with Dame Olivia Newton John (20 per cent) and Robbie Coltrane (19 per cent) close behind.

Of the last 10 years, 2022 and 2020 were voted the most memorable for news events by 12 percent of respondents.

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The research also found that sports (31 per cent), politics (31 per cent) and entertainment (29 per cent) are the topics people prefer to read most about.

And 74 per cent of people said they can’t quite believe some of the stories that are reported in the media and a further 25 per cent often find themselves ‘doomscrolling’ their social channels.

When looking at the year ahead, 27 per cent think there will be more positive news in 2023 than this year.

Chris Crouchman, of Readly, which saw 286,000 digital issues read 146 million times on the platform this year, said: “Some of the news this year has been difficult to take in, but this has been coupled with happy, heart-warming events that have united the nation and we have seen much appetite for across our portfolio of digital magazines and newspapers.

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“Our data insights shows that reading has spiked in categories such as news and politics, craft and DIY and TV, film and cinema this year.

“Whilst celebrity, motoring and lifestyle were the top read categories in the UK, people are also reading more about weddings, travel and crafting hobbies this year.

“It will be interesting to see what 2023 brings, let’s hope it’s less doom and gloom and more upbeat, positive news that we can all look forward to.”

Favourite news stories of 2022

The Queen’s Platinum JubileeLionesses winning the EurosHaving three Prime Ministers in one yearLiz Truss getting outlasted by a lettuceUkraine win Eurovision – with the UK coming secondDavid Beckham queueing to see the Queen’s coffinThe football World Cup taking place in QatarThe dog that turned itself into a police station after getting spooked by fireworksKate Bush’s Running Up That Hill becoming the popular song in the worldThe Will Smith & Chris Rock slapNASA successfully crashes a spaceship into an asteroidJohnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation caseMatt Hancock going into ‘I’m a Celebrity’David Tennant becomes he ‘new’ Doctor WhoElon Musk buying TwitterLiverpool being announced as the host of the 2023 Eurovision song contestThe Wagatha Christie trial – Rebecca Vardy vs Coleen RooneyReturn of Glastonbury – headlined by Paul McCartneyNeighbours ends – and is then brought back by AmazonThe release of Top Gun: MaverickHolly and Phil queue jumpNigels from across the world gather at a Worcestershire pub after the name became officially extinctThe new series of Stranger ThingsRonaldo’s interview with Piers MorganKanye getting dropped by Balenciaga and AdidasJoe Lycett appears to shred £10K cash in row over David Beckham’s Qatar dealThe ABBA Voyage virtual concert residencyJust Stop Oil activists throw soup at Van Gogh paintingThe sign for Cock Bridge, a village in Scotland, being stolen so many times ‘tamper proof’ ones were erectedThe rise of TikTok