The best sustainable alternatives to single use liquid bags at the airport

Many of us are trying our best to fight the war on single use plastic - at the supermarket, at home, in schools, and at work. Now the government is asking UK airports to stop using "millions of plastic bags" and find more eco-friendly alternatives.

When heading through airport security we are required to put all of our liquids and aerosols into a plastic bag. While many people reuse these, they aren’t the most durable.

It is reported that London Stansted Airport alone uses an estimated 11 million non-recyclable bags every year - while London City Airport uses more than two million.

Airports and airlines need to do their bit

According to the Telegraph, a spokesperson for the Department of Transport said, "This government is determined to cut single use plastic and the use of eco-friendly plastic bags at airports would be a welcome step in the right direction. We would encourage airlines and airports to do their bit."

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs added that airports should “explore alternatives” including the introduction of biodegradable bags.

However regarding bags for liquids, airport rules are quite strict as they must be a certain size and approved by security staff.

Sustainable alternatives

In order to help you cut down your single use plastic at the airport, here are a few affordable alternatives that are compliant with all airlines.

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Made from eco-friendly PVC material, these TSA approved bags meets the requirements of all airlines.

They're also suitable for men and women and can conveniently carry all of your liquids and aerosols.

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This three piece set seamlessly organizes all of your toiletries and essentials and complies with airport regulations.

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Made from eco-friendly PVC, the sturdy, high-quality material makes these as reliable as they are functional.

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Keep all of your summer beauty essentials stored away in the utmost style with this cute and handy travel bag by Rocket Bags.

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This travel-friendly set includes all of the essentials needed for a seamless and organised trip.

And when your holiday is over, just pack it away with your suitcase ready for your next trip.