Japanese knotweed alert to householders

Deep cleaning and redecoration are part of selling a house - but check your garden too.

Invasive plant Japanese knotweed has been known to make it impossible for people to sell their homes.

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Its thickly matted stems reach  three metres in height and will  exacerbate existing weaknesses in  drains or patios.

Steven Greenwood, a surveyor at Wildscapes CIC, said:  “It’s not uncommon to see Japanese knotweed on a property that has grown so much underground that it’s present on neighbouring land also."

Legally binding

Potential sellers must disclose by law if their property has, or ever has had, a Japanese knotweed issue. Many mortgage lenders  refuse to lend against a property that has such a problem.

Others may see the presence of Japanese knotweed as having a detrimental effect on its value and lower the amoung that buyers are able to borrow against it.

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