How to stay fit in lockdown, using short burst exercise plan

For those confined to mainly four walls of home during the UK’s continued lockdown restrictions, it is still possible to stay fit and healthy using quick and easy workout methods.

Daily routines, without any equipment and lasting just a few minutes, have been proven to help beat the blues and keep the weight off effectively.

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Among them is a 12-minute exercise plan that was developed 70 years ago for the Royal Canadian Air Force. It continues to work as well for people who use it today as it did when first devised.

The 12-minute workout is not new. Many modern workout plans are rooted in the BX Plans fitness regime that was created for Canadian pilots in the 1950s by Dr Bill Orban, a sports psychologist.

As many pilots are sedentary or inactive for long periods of time, often based in remote locations, creating an effective workout was crucial.

Dr Orban’s solution was the development of five basic exercises to create peak fitness. He termed the routines 5BX for men and XBX for women.

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These repetitive exercises were to be done daily for a short amount of time – 11 minutes a day for men and 12 minutes for women.

During lockdowns, including daily exercise as part of the day’s activity will help to focus the mind and keep the body fit and supple.

A recent survey on the effects of the first lockdown found that two in three adults struggled to maintain their weight.

Participants in the online survey revealed that they found managing their weight “very” or “somewhat” difficult during lockdowns.

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Boredom, along with spending more time sitting, or inactive, were some of the key reasons that caused individuals to snack more.

Rising levels of anxiety and stress were also key factors to blame.

Although longer workout regimes help to create stamina and fitness, for the average adult, facing a 60-minute daily workout can be daunting and hard to maintain over longer periods.

Dr Mosley, creator of the Fast Diet, said: “If you push yourself to the max for even a few seconds, there’s no need to exercise for very long at all.”

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The beauty of a concentrated workout like this is that it is easy to maintain while requiring no gym fees or special equipment.

Personal Trainer and author Krista Stryker who has devised her own 12-minute a day exercise plan said: “Even if you don’t have access to your normal gym, bodyweight workouts can still be done at home, and when they are done right, can be even more effective than gym workouts.

“I’ve been doing mainly equipment-free workouts for nearly a decade now.”

BX Plans could be a perfect solution for ‘lockdown living’ as they were created to be done in isolation and do not require a great deal of space.

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Many people will be entering another round of lockdown feeling anxious and worried.

During these difficult times, It is important to remember to take care of yourself properly by paying attention to both your mental well-being and fitness levels.

Dame Helen Mirren is one celebrity to endorse this kind of regime for its many benefits.

To learn more about the BX Plans fitness book for men, women and children, and how it helps, visit website.

BX Plans is available to buy worldwide on Amazon in several different languages and from the BX Plans website.

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